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The Stars and me in Monté Carlo :)
Lois - Icarus
I thought I'd post about my trip to Monté Carlo last June for the MC TV Festival and post pics of me and the stars I met! :)

I met all the following:

Bridget Regan (several times with photos with her and an autograph and 3 small video)
Elizabeth Mitchell (she was sooooo nice!! I could have taken a dozen pics of her but after two, I let her to her other fans!)
Scott Wolf (was a fan of him since Party Of Five and he was glad when I told him so!! He was so cute with his dimples!!)
Jessica Szohr (she's way more beautiful in real life!!)
Jorge Garcia (nice vid of him for a friend and a photo and autograph)
Emily VanCamp (got one of the only photo with her, she was in a hurry but was really cute)
Luke McFarlane (so nice!! I had a laugh with him while waiting to get my pic taken by a friend)
Eric Close (classy!!)
Paula Trickey (really accessible)
Julie Benz (the sweetest, like Elizabeth, I could have asked for more photos but 2 were enough! Didn't want to bother her)
Josh Hopkins (talked a bit with him, really nice)
Simon Baker (a killer smile and a dream come true, as I'm a fan of his since forever!)
Callum Keith Rennie (really nice)
Jeremy Sisto (saw him leave his hotel with his wife and little girl and was so focused on the little girl trying to walk with her parents that I said "aww, she's so cute", they said 'thank you', and I didn't even realize I had said that to him! lol The following day I told him I saw him leave his hotel (at another time) and he said 'oh yeah with my daughter!' lol )) He was so sweet I talked to him a bit about his previous work and he liked that.
IceT (quite funny cause when he saw me call Jeremy, he called him by a nickname, can't remember which and he came right away!!)
LL Cool J (he was such a sweetie, I was about to miss the chance to get a photo with him when he finally came back but only for me and his bodyguard took the pic for me cause the girl I was with was nowhere to be found!)
Morena Baccarin (nice)
Shaun Sipos (really nice and cute and quite thankful I avoided him to be harmed when he was about to get his neck in the lamp outside the hotel and when I got my picture and said thanks, he was genuinely surprised because the other fans didn't even thank him!)
Busy Philips (sweetest gal ever! Got to tell her I liked her since Dawson and also in Terminator and she gestured to tell me she was huge in the show so I asked her if she had a boy or a girl and she said a girl and that she was here with her!; we talked like old friends!)
Dana Delany (her manager didn't allow her to stop for pics even though Dana tried!)
Joe Mantegna (I'm one of the only ones to have a pic with him!)
Alessandra Torresani (I'm the only one who recognized her and as soon as I did, tons of people came around and took pics! unbelievable!)
Peter Mensah (nice)
Luke Pasqualino (quick pic)
Tristan Wilds (quite nice!)
Hugh Dillon (funny)
Enrico Colantoni (super nice)
Jimmy Jean-Louis (cool but in a hurry)
Taye Diggs (sexy!!)
Dick Wolf
Barry Levinson

I got a message for my sisters from Michael and one from Cote!! Same with ZACHARY LEVI !!!

IAN SOMERHALDER (I've been a fan of his since Young Americans and thought I'd never meet him!!)
The story is I kept seeing the cast passing by and Nina apologized for not stopping for photos, Paul was acting like a jerk but I doubt he is, maybe he wasn't in the best mood.. anyways, I'm not one to judge. Ian kept trying to stop but their manager kept telling them to move on.. And Ian was the sweetest because he kept looking me in the eyes when he apologized which he didn't do for everyone and at some point once I was in Nice changing clothes, he came out of his hotel and spend 30mn signing autographs and taking pics!! One of my friend of the festival has 3 pics with Ian, one with Paul and one with Nina!! I was so jealous!!

BUT finally, at the closing ceremony, I insisted to the people I was with (one I knew from FB for LOTS and her sister) that we should do like everybody and try to get pics with Bridget while she was still there! We did and it paid off as she recognized us (I had asked her a question at the screening of the show!) and told us so! We took one more pic each and then they wanted to go but I insisted we try and get Ian because that WOULD BE IT for me! I would have had everything I want if I could just have a photo with Ian!! The batteries of my camera were doing on me so I said to the girls: please, please. and they finally agreed to go and when I arrived, I spoke to Ian and told him that I was a fan of his since YA and he said "WOW, thank you!" I asked for a pic and he said 'SURE BABE!' and then someone came along and tried to take a pic with before me and he said WAIT and he grabbed my hand; pulled me to him and said COME HERE MY FRIEND!! I was in heaven!!! Then I realized that the ones I was with were once again nowhere to be found! So Ian grabbed the camera (which isn't really a practical one) and took 2 pics and said NO FLASH? and I said 'no' and he said ok and he took the pics so well!! I was once again in HEAVEN!!!!

I'll never forget that week even though there were some bad moments like when I felt all alone because the people from FB spent more time with other people than with me.. but it's ok because in the end I got more than I expected to get at the Festival!!

I'll post some pics as soon as I can!!


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